About The Arts Alliance

Arts + Creative Industries = Impact

Championing the Arts & Creative Industries

The Arts Alliance is a is a local arts agency and membership organization representing 14 arts and creative disciplines from the fine and performing arts to design, publishing, creative technology and more (click here to see the list).

Its mission is to champion the arts & creative industries in Washtenaw County, MI—arts and creative individuals, organizations and businesses—to ensure that the greater Ann Arbor region remains a great place to create, live, work, learn, play and visit.

The intrinsic value of the arts and creativity is at the forefront of The Arts Alliance’s efforts as it works diligently to demonstrate the interconnectivity of the arts and creative industries with all other sectors and its impact on our economy and quality of life and place. Additionally it articulates the importance of arts and creative education and experience in the development of a workforce that has a depth of skills desired by 21st century employers.

The Arts Alliance is intent, first and foremost, in listening to its members and those who work in and value the arts and creative industries to hear how they prosper and what causes their stagnation. We also believe in data and research. Our members range from experts to emerging and are connected to every aspect of the national, state and regional arts and creative industries. They know building and sustaining a vibrant arts sector is not accomplished by want or magic. It takes long-term commitment, improved public policy and the investment of resources supported by collaboration among the arts and every other sector of the community.

The Arts Alliance has earned respect among community decision-makers resulting in its “seat at the table” on community planning and initiatives. Broad- based engagement and the Washtenaw County Cultural Master Plan informs the work of The Arts Alliance as it:

  • Facilitates to explore issues, conduct research, manage regranting and foster creative initiatives.
  • Advocates to voice the creative industries’ impact and influence policy and encourage investment.
  • Communicates to promote the creative industries’ programs and collaborative initiatives.
  • Educates to encourage investment and participation in life-long creative learning programs.
  • Celebrates to trumpet the triumphs of the creative industries.
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