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We Communicate


to promote art and creative industry programs
and collaborative initiatives. 

Communication & Media

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Featuring 300+ creative individual, business and ally members, The Arts Alliance publishes and distributes  guides to New York Times subscribers and to hundreds of public locations throughout Washtenaw County.

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This biweekly eNewsletter is essential reading distributed to 5,600 subscribers, it features trending topics about local, state and national arts and creative industries, member events, job postings and calls for art, auditions and much more. Many community members tell us this is one of their go-to resources for events, calls for art and job postings.

creative:impact airs at 7:49 a.m. and 9:49 a.m. each Tuesday as part of Morning Edition on WEMU 89.1 FM.

creative:impact guests are often unseen or unknown by the general public but they are the driving forces that make Washtenaw County one of Michigan’s strongest and most vibrant arts and creative industry hubs. You can listen to past shows at this link: creative:impact.

The Arts Alliance’s Deb Polich and WEMU’s Morning Edition host, David Fair, co-host and co-produce this weekly radio show. With the intrinsic value of the arts and creativity at its core, the show has a twofold purpose.

  • First to impress upon WEMU listeners the impact and inter-connectivity of the creative sector on our lives and community.
  • Second to tell that story through the creative people and industry experts who live, have creative practices and jobs, own creative businesses in Washtenaw County and lead the sector locally, nationally and internationally.
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